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Picture new album BEN & SLANE
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Picture black & white duet BEN & SLANE

BEN & SLANE is a folk duet.

On stage as in life, one cannot go without the other. Their harmony and their bond is obvious.

The project started in May 2017 around their love for folk, and they began to write their own songs. BEN & SLANE then becomes a real two-headed entity, where each in turn takes the lead vocals and the other the choir.

Ben is on the guitar (ex leader of the group BYE BYE BLONDIE), Sarah-Lane plays percussions (ex singer of the duet MA CAILLE and performer in the role of Rose-Marie in the musical comedy « Un Été 44 »). Their powerful and sensitive voices are made to match.

Picture duet BEN & SLANE

After more than 150 gigs all over France, they signed a recording deal with BPM Publishing. A 6-track EP will be released the 29th May 2020 to all streaming platforms. The song « In Your Arms » won a major radio contest, the prize being a live performance on the stage of the Grand Studio RTL.

This single has been played on several Web Radios in France as well as some other countries. The BEN & SLANE’s story has only just begun, but what is certain is that what follows will be folk, resolutely folk…



Ben and Slane : Made of Gold, 1er EP ! - Rue de l'info

Chaque année, nous découvrons des artistes super talentueux. Nous vous avions déjà présenté ce duo magique formé depuis bientôt trois ans. Depuis leur apparition dans le monde de la musique, ils ont prouvé très tôt qu'ils étaient capables de réussir dans le milieu. Le projet "Made of Gold" a vu le jour pour notre plus grand plaisir.

Exclusive premiere and interview with indie-folk duo Ben & Slane

Harmonious bonds in music can be a rarity and must be explored to their full potential once found. Ben & Slane, a French duo, certainly think so as they share a path in both career and life. The two are about to release their latest EP, Made Of Gold which features their powerful and sensitive voices.


Trois ans désormais que Ben & Slane font bouger la scène francilienne avec quasiment un concert par semaine depuis deux ans, que ce soit à Paris ou sur Montreuil où vous les avez peut être déjà croisés à la Lanterne, la Montreuilloise, la Favorite ou le Kleber : des bêtes de scène !

Ben & Slane : un premier EP résolument folk pour le duo montreuillois * Le Spot

En 2017, le duo Ben & Slane voyait le jour, réunissant autour de leur passion commune pour la folk les deux artistes Ben Paolettoni et Sarah-Lane Roberts. Fin mai, le duo a sorti un EP de six titres, intitulé Made of Gold , un condensé de leur univers aux multiples facettes.



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Distribution – BMP Publishing – United Kingdom

Webdesign – Damian Roberts

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